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Medium hairstyles carry elegance of long hairs and ease of short hairs. There is an advantage of medium hairstyle that you can blend both hairstyles of long hairs and short hairs in it. If you are looking for versatile medium hairstyles then you will come to know that medium bob haircuts are at top priority.

                  Medium bob haircuts - Medium bob hairstyles
Medium bob haircuts are very stylish and you can style them variously. There are many types of medium bob haircuts. In fact you can try all the hairstyles of short hairs on your medium length hairs. Inverted bob hairstyles, asymmetrical bob hairstyles, classy bob hairstyles, graduated bob, sleek bob hairstyles and bob hairstyles with bangs are best for short hairs but if you are not in favor of very short hairs then you can try these bob haircuts on your medium length hairs.

Inverted bob hairstyle is very beautiful and stylish haircuts 2013 as in this haircut, hairs from the front are kept longer while hairs from the back are kept of short length.

Medium bob haircuts - Medium bob hairstyles

Asymmetrical bob hairstyle is similar to inverted bob hairstyle but with the difference that in this hairstyle, one side of hairs is kept longer than the other and longer side covers the face. If you are not in favor of inverted bob hairstyle and asymmetrical bob hairstyle then you can go with classy bob hairstyle as in this hairstyle, hairs from all sides are kept of equal length.

Medium bob haircuts - Medium bob hairstyles

Apart from bob haircuts, you can style your hairs differently like you can make ponytail of your medium length hairs. Ponytails are easy to make and easy to style. You can make your ponytail more glamorous with the help of hair pins, beads, pearls or barrettes. You can make buns, chignons or braids of your medium length hairs. You can leave your hairs straight at your back and straight them with the help of flat iron.

Medium bob haircuts - Medium bob hairstyles

You can make curls with the help of curling or rolling iron. Layered hairstyles can be tried on medium, long and short hairs. Layered hairstyle is very beautiful and it is best for thin and fine hairs as layers give extra volume to the hairs.

Medium bob haircuts - Medium bob hairstyles

Total number of layers depends on the total length of the hairs but normally first layer starts from chin. Women with round faces should try chin length hairstyles as their face will become long with these hairstyles. You can color your hairs or you can highlight different strands of hairs.

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