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Short hairstyles are very stylish and there are many types of short hairstyles like short layered hairstyles, bob hairstyles, pixie hairstyles and razor cut. Short layered hairstyles are best for those women who have thin and fine hairs as layers give volume to the hairs. Layers provide variations to the style depending on the total length of the hairs.

Short layered hairstyles are rarely seen yet they are still very glamorous like choppy hairstyles and layered short hairstyles 2013 with long layers at the front and sides. Choppy hairstyles are very stylish and the specialty of this hairstyle is pointed ends. Ends of the hairs are cut with razor instead of scissors so that ends can be made more pointed.

Short hairstyles - Short haircuts

If layers are not made pointed then this hairstyle will be messy. Layered hairstyle need regular trimming after every five or six weeks in order to keep your hairstyle up to date. Pixie hairstyle can be called as very short layered hairstyle but it is best for those women who are bold enough to try very short hairstyles.

Short hairstyles - Short haircuts

There are many types of pixie cut like standard pixie cut, shaggy cut and choppy cut. Pixie cut is not suitable for everyone and it can not make everyone appealing as it requires time for maintenance and styling but those who can give time to their hairs for styling and maintenance must try this hairstyle as it will produce a stunning result then.

Short hairstyles - Short haircuts

Razor cut is also a layered hairstyle but in this haircut, razor is used to cut the ends of hairs instead of scissors. Razor cut is not suitable for those women who have thin hairs as this hairstyles 2013 gives you a thinner too.

Short hairstyles - Short haircuts

Layered hairstyles can be made best from long and medium length hairs. However people with short hairs mostly think that if they want to try layered hairstyles then they have to grow their hairs to a longer length but this is not true as number of length varies according to the length of hairs and if you have short hairs then you can try any of the short layered hairstyle or you can try graduated layered hairstyle which will give a longer look to the short hairs.

Short hairstyles - Short haircuts

Another very popular layered hairstyle for short hairs is bob and it has many types like inverted bob hairstyles, asymmetrical bob hairstyles, angled bob hairstyles, classy bob hairstyles, sleek bob hairstyles and bob hairstyles with bangs so you can try any one according to your choice.

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