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Hair care tips before dye hair color.

Dye hair color to change your hair color is different from the original. Dye hair color is a complicated process that can sometimes do not work. Therefore, we should have a hair care tips before dye hair color.

  1. Before dye hair color, you should check to ensure that your scalp is not sore or bruised or scratched.
  2. If you expect to have allergies from dye hair color should be a hairdressers professional to test for allergies to dye hair color at the neck or behind the ear before dye hair color.
  3. Should not wash your hair or scratching the scalp before dye hair color. Because wash your hair  make a natural oil on the scalp was cleaned out. And can cause irritation when you can dye hair color.
  4. After dye hair color, you should avoid wash your hair for 2 days for hair color is stick durable.
A simple hair care tips before dye hair color, but you do not neglect for dye hair color came out beautiful.

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